Community Meditation Class-donation based

This class is taught by:

Charrell Reese

Always on the path to peace, she rediscovered Yoga in 2006 which expanded her awareness to include the eight limbs of yoga and its restorative benefits. In 2009, she complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training and since then has become a meditation teacher with a focus on helping people integrate meditation, yoga wisdom, and spiritual life-skills to heal and find inner peace. She is always amazed at what unfolds in your life if you simple take care of the present moment with love, patience, kindness and grace.

Robert Bernstein

For nearly 15 years Robert led classes in using Eastern spiritual thinking for “everyday life” at Integral Yoga Institute, New York. A certified meditation teacher, Robert has lived in Orlando for five years. His yogic focused thoughts have been seen on the editorial pages of the Orlando Sentinel. He has taught for 5 years at Red Sun.
Feel the wonderful effects that meditation has on reducing stress, anxiety and anger, while giving a sense of renewed calm, happiness and peace through concentration and stronger awareness. Take a journey into guided meditation.
This is a donation based class. Please donate to pay for the teachers time. Thank you.