A Course In Miracles

This class is taught by:

Robert Bernstein

For nearly 15 years Robert led classes in using Eastern spiritual thinking for “everyday life” at Integral Yoga Institute, New York. A certified meditation teacher, Robert has lived in Orlando for five years. His yogic focused thoughts have been seen on the editorial pages of the Orlando Sentinel. He has taught for 5 years at Red Sun.
Investment: $15 per week

Red Sun Yoga Weekly Study Group - You may drop-in at anytime
Popularized by Marianne Williamson in her book "Return To Love", the course helps us live and work with the "everyday practical issues" we all face, the ups and downs of all our lives, in a much less anxious or stressful way, with less doubt, fear and worry.

It both teaches and helps us remember that, we can be in a place where there is difficulty and hard work, but can still learn to be calm in our heart.

Another way of saying what the course helps us do is, it helps us live more and more from our self dignity. It helps us love our neighbor as ourself. But not instead of ourself. Or more than ourself. Or less than ourself. As ourself.