Allison Andersen, E-RYT 500

Working through her own health and food issues, Allison found there was a food connection to every health issue she studied. And so she decided to become a food investigator. She embarked on a nutrition odyssey that led her through a maze of misinformation, media pressure and conflicting truths to arrive at a place of understanding, compassion and the knowledge that each person is different. Through her thorough investigation she also learned, it’s never only about the food. Her trip around the nutritional world led her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City where she received a certificate as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with accreditation through Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. Interested in the blood type connection to diet she also became a certified fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality. Allison is board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Allison teaches classes in holistic nutrition and wellness at Red Sun Yoga, where she is also the manager, and at the Florida School for Holistic Living, in addition to counseling private clients. You can also hear Allison on WPRK FM 91.5 every other Tuesday on her holistic living radio show: Vibrant Living Orlando.

Allison Andersen, E-RYT 500 instructs the following:
  • Intentional Living
  • A 12 week Holistic Health Coaching Series with a Yoga twist.

    Allison Andersen, E-RYT 500, CHHC
    $249 members / $299 non-members
    Thursdays 10-11 AM, beginning July 19
    This is discussion class, there will be no asana practice.

    Holistic Health is about all of you. How you eat move, sleep, relate to others, love yourself and occupy space in the world. We will explore all of that through the lens of the 10 tenets of Yoga known as the Yamas and Niyamas. During this 12 week exploration of you, you will:

    • Create an intention for your life - your personal mission statement
    • Adopt habits to create a fulfilling life of ease
    • Learn about the most supportive foods and practices specific to your blood type and constitution
    • Explore the timeless power of the principles of yoga
    • Develop rituals to keep you connected to your source
    • Tap into powerful group energy
    • Study the principles of Ayurveda: honoring earth’s natural rhythms

    Over the twelve weeks you will have the opportunity and support to develop the confidence to make empowered choices about food, personal practices and a life of abundance and joy.

    You deserve this.

    Here’s a hint of how the 12 weeks will unfold:

    Week 1 - The power of intention
    Week 2 - Practicing Radical Compassion
    Week 3 - Tapping into Unshakable Authenticity
    Week 4 - Abundance and Flow
    Week 5 - Harnessing Internal Fire
    Week 6 - Reclaiming Personal Freedom
    Week 7 - Cultivating Clarity
    Week 8 - Abiding Contentment
    Week 9 - Embracing Discipline and Structure
    Week 10 - Vigilant Awareness
    Week 11 - Surrender to the Process of Life
    Week 12 - Re-commitment to Intention and closing ceremony