Yogi Dev Bhajan Singh

Yogi Dev Bhajan Singh instructs the following:
  • Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
  • 6 week series

    Yogi Dev Bhajan Singh
    $90 members / $108 non-members
    Wednesdays, beginning July 18, 4:30 - 6 PM
    No prior yoga experience required

    Kundalini Yoga helps one live in their full potential by having clearer thought processes, the ability to listen clearly, the inner strength and stillness to endure and overcome the challenges of life, a heightened intuitive sense and a deeper understanding through compassion.

    Each week we will learn and practice a combination of Meditation, Mantra, Kriyas and Pranayama. These practices encourage the kundalini energy to safely rise within the individual. This raised energy is a divine union of the individual with the infinite universal consciousness, resulting in recognizing, understanding and expanding one’s awareness.

    Each week Yogi Dev Bhajan Singh will video himself teaching class so that you may watch at home and continue to practice. There will be a mid-week check-in for questions and guidance.

    Following these practice guidelines for six weeks your perception of life will change, giving you the capacity to handle much more stress with grace. Bliss is our birthright and as a creator it’s time to clear the distractions of the mind and manifest a new beginning. Starting with Loving ourselves.

    About Kundalini Yoga
    It is a Raja Yoga, a royal yoga of the kings and brahmins. It was kept and taught in secret for the last three millennia, until 1969 when Yogi Bhajan was guided to come to the West and openly teach these sacred ancient techniques. The techniques can be traced back to at least 7000 B.C.E. when it was practiced by Rishis around the Indus Valley. Kundalini Yoga comes from a legacy, and has been delivered to us by The Golden Chain, the ongoing lineage of teacher to student. Some of the important teachers in this chain are Guru Ram Dass and Yogi Bhajan.

    About Yogi Dev Bhajan Singh
    Spiritual Teacher of the Aquarian Age. I started this path as a seeker to find the truth! How do I walk in Grace? How can I be an instrument of Compassion in every situation? Yoga is a science of the body, mind and spirit connection. Currently working on my 500 Hatha and 500 Kundalini yoga certificates, these two ancient yoga’s have profound effects on a lifestyle for transformation. My journey started as wrestler and after many injuries I discovered yoga. As my journey continued I realized that Yogi’s had a layout to rework the programming of the mind to have a greater capacity of awareness. With the tools and techniques that I have learned and practiced and used to get through my own blocks I will teach you.