Instructor Global Family Yoga

Instructor Global Family Yoga instructs the following:
  • Teaching Yoga to Children
  • A Teacher Training from Global Family Yoga

    Saturday & Sunday
    November 10 & 11
    9am – 5pm
    15 CEUs for RYTs

    The practice of Yoga for children is unsurpassed as a form of preventative health – on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Through stories and games children develop lifelong healthy habits and are supported in blossoming into their highest potential.

    Children love Yoga. They love the movement and creative expression associated with the asanas, and they cherish the opportunity to “rest” at the end of each class. Based on sound child development principles, the ancient science of Yoga is turned into fun, engaging, age appropriate stuff kids love.

    What’s Included in this training?

    • 3 lesson plans you can use as is or with modifications
    • An introduction to the benefits and specialized techniques of teaching Yoga to children from the age of 4 years through the teen years,as well as whole families
    • Becoming the children and practice a class just as they do
    • A question and answer session
    • Resources for further study
    • Many tools and techniques to share with the children in your life as well as a deeper understanding of Yoga

    Benefits of Yoga for Children

    Children experience the same benefits from a Yoga practice as adults – increased body awareness, overall fitness, mental acuity and stress hardiness.

    By learning to teach Yoga to children you can help them:

    Develop strength, flexibility and coordination – of both body and mind
    Improve focus
    Raise self-awareness
    Build self-esteem
    Release stress
    Relax completely
    Breathe well
    Cultivate healthy habits
    Generate a sense of inner peace and contentment they can share with the world