Class Descriptions

Group Classes

Regular attendance of group classes creates a level of commitment to yourself and your practice. The more often you practice, the more profound the benefits such as improved focus, increased flexibility, improved circulation, more energy and the ability to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter which classes you take. They all work.



The Yoga of Physical Discipline. Postures or asanas, pranayama or breathwork, and a meditative awareness form the physical aspect of yoga, which are preparation and foundation for the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. In our hatha yoga classes, each posture is taken one at a time to allow time for proper alignment and strengthening. Each class ends in savasana – a resting posture allowing the body to fully integrate. The studio temperature for hatha classes is usually between 78 for gentler classes and 82 for more advanced.

GENTLE YOGAMore warm ups are provided, sun breaths are instructed instead of sun salutations and postures are not held as long. Inversions offered are gentle in nature such as legs up the wall. Each posture is taught with modifications to accommodate any level.


HATHA I: Each class begins with warm ups followed by sun salutations. Postures may be held or there may be more postures. Inversions offered include legs up the wall and shoulder stand. Each posture is taught with modifications to accommodate any level.


HATHA II: Beginning with warm ups and sun salutations, a Hatha II class will be structured similarly to the Hatha I class with prolonged holding of the postures and/or more difficult modifications to familiar postures as well as introducing intermediate level postures. Inversions may include legs up the wall, shoulder stand, handstand or head stand. Some arm balancing postures may also be incorporated. Modifications are always given. Some yoga experience is recommended.



Vinyasa is the movement from one posture to the next, accompanied by conscious breathing. Each class has similar postures to the Hatha classes, but they are held for shorter periods of time. Variations of sun salutations connect each posture or sets of posture, resulting in a flow.  All classes conclude with savasana for integration. Because vinyasa classes are designed to warm up the body, the studio temperature is typically set at 80-85 degrees.

: This beginner level class offers more movement to help elevate the heart rate with slower paced vinyasas between postures. Modifications are offered to accommodate any level. No yoga experience required.


VINYASA II: An intermediate level class, Vinyasa II offers more movement and a faster pace. Postures are instructed with movement between each to help elevate the heart rate. Inversions and some arm balancing may be included. Modifications are offered to accommodate the transition from Level I. Yoga experience preferred.


VINYASA III: This advanced level class allows students to move and sweat, providing a vigorous work out with deep relaxation at the end. Advanced postures such as arm balancing and inversions are incorporated. Yoga experience required.


Combination classes are taught to the lower class level with the next level modifications.



"My goals when I first started yoga three years ago were to help my balance, flexibility and renew my creativity. Damage to a cranial nerve a few years earlier had affected my balance and sensitivity on my left side. After practicing once a week for about three months, I was amazed to find that my balance was much better and some of the feeling in my left side had returned! After heavy exercise, usually only muscles on my right side were sore. But one day, after some summer yard work, both sides ached equally and the only thing that had changed was adding yoga, so that was a sign that i was on the right path! Like a lot of older women, I have some arthritis in my lower back and hips, but yoga has helped increase my flexibility. After I began attending 2-3 times a week, my creativity was sparked and a I began a small crafts business through which I met some wonderful artistic and creative people. Yoga has provided balance and flexibility not only physically but also in my life. People who know me well have noticed the difference and I'm better able to handle the curve balls that life throws my way. Red Sun has become my refuge and a place that brings peace, calm and happiness." 

-M. D.


Specialty Classes


This gentle class focuses specifically on releasing, relaxing and strengthening the back and hips. Most postures are done seated or lying down. Class ends in a restorative savasana. No yoga experience required.


This class offers practitioners some tools to reduce stress, improve health, and maximize energy by stimulating the body’s natural relaxation response. Proven techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditation and yoga postures are incorporated in this one hour journey to relaxation. When practiced regularly, this class leads to a reduction in everyday stress levels and a boost in feelings of joy, serenity and well-being.


Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga is much more than reducing stress and gaining strength. It is a time to intimately connect with the life growing inside. Explore the spiritual transformation of motherhood with yoga, breath work and meditation. Learn conscious relaxation techniques to restore energy and build confidence. Experience whole body breathing to connect with the body’s natural rhythms. Practice vocal toning as a tool for awareness. Learn yoga postures to integrate the mind with the body’s rapid changes. Appropriate for women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant and those who just had a baby.



Slow, deep and mindful. A meditation in motion that invites you to cultivate a steadiness of mind as you go deep into the physical and subtle/energetic body. Emphasizes the integration of inner and outer, breath and body, mind and heart. Variations of postures given so you can challenge your edge or take it down a notch..



The fusion of Yin yoga with Vinyasa flow creates an integrated, balanced 75-minute yoga practice. The Vinyasa portion is flowing movement requiring strength and balance. The heat and internal awareness generated burns off excess energy allowing for a quieting of the body and mind in order to drop more fully into the Yin portion. These longer held poses are designed to release connective tissues and create space and integrity in the joints; allowing energy to flow through the body.



An energetic intermediate vinyasa class designed to release tensions from the week and move into the weekend lighter and brighter. Class ends in a restorative savasana. Yoga experience preferred.



Bhakti is the yoga of devotion. Spend your time devoted to deepening your connection to your higher self with this vigorous vinyasa practice. Room temperature is set in the low 80s. Class ends in a restorative savasana. Yoga experience required.



A quiet practice, a series of long, slow postures that targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Poses are held from 1-5 minutes long.



A restorative guided meditation, Yoga Nidra translates to Yogic Sleep, allowing for deeply profound relaxation. It is practiced in savasana, lying on the back and can be 20 – 45 minutes long at the end of certain classes. No yoga experience is required.



During the regular meditation classes several techniques are taught followed by practice. No experience required.


Children between the ages of 4-9 experience yoga postures in a fun way. Each class includes interactive postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. No experience necessary.



Each Sunday we offer an all level class free to the community. It is an opportunity for our recent teacher training graduates and regular teachers to give back to you through their love of yoga. No yoga experience required.



Private Lessons

Private yoga lessons are specifically designed to meet your needs and to help you maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. You will meet with your instructor to discuss your health goals, any injuries or physical limitations and together you will create a strategy for your private lessons.

Private lessons are often used as an entry to yoga. Many people prefer the one-on-one instruction when starting their practice while others use private lessons to improve on their alignment or learn about the philosophy of yoga or learn modifications after an injury or surgery.

Private one-on-one instruction allows the individual to move at their own pace. To schedule a private session or purchase a package, click here



The benefits of meditation are far reaching and positive. For that reason, we offer several meditation classes on our regular schedule, meditation workshops and private meditation lessons

The purpose of meditation is to overcome negative thoughts, reactive patterns and harmful habits by learning to cultivate constructive thoughts and helpful habit patterns.  For many, this is a profound spiritual practice that can be practiced throughout the day, not just while seated in meditation.  For others, daily meditation has been scientifically proven to increase the quality of life and longevity.  And for a growing number of people, meditation is about reducing stress.  Research shows that meditation may be beneficial for reducing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The one-hour individualized private meditation lesson gives you the opportunity to learn meditation techniques that will assist you in developing your own meditation practice.  

The benefits of a regular meditation practice include:

  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Decreased irritability and moodiness
  • Greater creativity
  • Improved learning ability and memory
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation
  • Increased happiness and emotional stability
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduces insomnia. Better sleep by lowering heart rate and reducing work load of the heart.
  • Lowers stress. Lowers levels of cortisol and lactate – two chemicals associated with stress.
  • Reduction of free radicals – unstable oxygen molecules that can cause tissue damage.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular disease.
  • Improved air flow results in easier breathing. Very helpful for asthma patients.
  • Slows down the aging process.
Register for a single meditation lesson or purchase a package for more savings.



Yoga For Kids

Children love yoga. They love the movement and creative expression associated with the poses. They appreciate the benefits and they cherish the opportunity to “rest” at the end of each class.

The movements, or asanas, are organic. They are modeled after favorite animals and elements – lions, snakes, rivers and trees. This naturally makes the practice engaging for children. The hour long class typically features stories, games, animal sounds and laughter. This all adds up to the most important element – fun! Their enjoyment of the classes would be reason enough to teach yoga to children – but the benefits go far beyond.  Yoga can give children the ability to:

  • Develop strength, flexibility and coordination – of both body and mind
  • Improve focus
  • Raise self-awareness
  • Build self-esteem
  • Release stress
  • Relax completely
  • Breathe well
  • Cultivate healthy habits
  • Generate a sense of inner peace and contentment they can share with the world
 Our kids' yoga classes are for children ages 4-9 and limited in size to 10 students per class.

Children 10 and older are welcome to attend regular Gentle or Hatha I classes with an adult or parent.

 “Children come into this world very pure. It is up to the adults to help them stay bright, strong and healthy.”
- Sri Swami Satchidananda -