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Class Descriptions

HATHA YOGA:  The Yoga of Physical Discipline. Postures or asanas, pranayama or breathwork and a meditative awareness form the physical aspect of yoga, which are preparation and foundation for the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. In our hatha yoga classes, each posture is taken one at a time to allow time for proper alignment and strengthening. Each class ends in savasana – a resting posture allowing the body to fully integrate. The studio temperature for hatha classes is usually between 78 for gentler classes and 82 for more advanced.

GENTLE YOGA:  More warm ups are provided, sun breaths are used instead of sun salutations and postures are not held as long. Inversions offered are gentle in nature such as legs up the wall. Each posture is taught with modifications to accommodate any level.

HATHA I: Each class begins with warm ups followed by sun salutations. Postures may be held or there may be more postures. Inversions offered include legs up the wall and shoulder stand. Each posture is taught with modifications to accommodate any level.

HATHA II: Beginning with warm ups and sun salutations, a Hatha II class will be structured similarly to the Hatha I class with prolonged holding of the postures and/or more difficult modifications to familiar postures as well as introducing intermediate level postures. Inversions may include legs up the wall, shoulder stand, handstand or head stand. Some arm balancing postures may also be incorporated. Modifications are always given. Some yoga experience is recommended.

HATHA III: Class begins with sun salutations to warm up the body. Postures are held longer. Intermediate as well as advanced postures are introduced and taught, including arm balancing and binding. Inversions include all those in Level II. Modifications are always given. Yoga experience required.

Combination classes are taught to the lower class level with the next level modifications.

VINYASA: Vinyasa is the movement from one posture to the next, accompanied by conscious breathing. Each class has similar postures to the Hatha classes, but held for a shorter period of time. Variations of sun salutations connect each posture or sets of posture, resulting in a flow.  All classes conclude with savasana for integration. Because vinyasa classes are designed to warm up the body, the studio temperature is typically set at 80-85 degrees.

VINYASA I:  This beginner level class offers more movement to help elevate the heart rate with slower paced vinyasas between postures. Modifications are offered to accommodate any level. No yoga experience required.

VINYASA II: An intermediate level class, Vinyasa II offers more movement and a faster pace. Postures are instructed with movement between each to help elevate the heart rate. Modifications are offered to accommodate the transition from Level 1. Yoga experience preferred.

VINYASA III: This advanced level class allows students to move and sweat, providing a vigorous work out with deep relaxation at the end. Advanced postures such as arm balancing and inversions are incorporated. Yoga experience required.

Combination classes are taught to the lower class level with the next level modifications.


RESTORATIVE YOGA WITH YOGA NIDRA: Extra gentle postures using bolsters, blankets and pillows to help restore equanimity and release stress. Followed by a full yoga nidra to create a deep sense of renewal.

GENTLE YIN YOGA: Targeting the connective tissues, such as ligaments and joints, yin postures are generally done in a seated or supine position and held allowing the connective tissues to open and relax. In this class postures are held less than 5 minutes with time in between each for restorative counter postures. No yoga experience required.

HIPS AND SPINE: This gentle class focuses specifically on the back and hips. Most postures are done seated or lying down. Class ends in a restorative savasana. No yoga experience required.

GENTLE CHAKRA: A gentle class designed to open and align the chakras – the seven energy centers in the body. Class begins with a brief discussion on the chakra focus of the day and ends in an integrative savasana. No yoga experience required.

GENTLE PRENATAL: A gentle class with specific modifications for the expectant mom. Class is open to anyone. Class ends in a restorative savasana. No yoga experience required.

YOGA FOR ATHLETES: This one-hour class is designed to stretch and strengthen the runner or cyclist, but is appropriate for all active students. Yoga postures are modified or highlighted as beneficial to the athlete. Yoga experience preferred.

HAPPY HOUR YOGA: An energetic intermediate vinyasa class designed to release tensions from the week and move into the weekend lighter and brighter. Class ends in a restorative savasana. Yoga experience preferred.

WARM BHAKTI FLOW: Bhakti is the yoga of devotion. Spend your time devoted to deepening your connection to your higher self with this vigorous vinyasa practice. Room temperature is set in the low 80s. Class ends in a restorative savasana. Yoga experience required.

YOGA NIDRA: A restorative guided meditation, Yoga Nidra translates to Yogic Sleep, allowing for deep relaxation. It is practiced in savasana, lying on the back and can be 20 – 45 minutes long at the end of certain classes. No yoga experience is required.

KIDS YOGA: Children between the ages of 4-9 experience yoga postures in a fun way. Each class includes interactive postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. No experience necessary.

MEDITATION: During the regular meditation classes several techniques are taught followed by practice. No experience required.

COMMUNITY YOGA: Each Sunday we offer an all level class free to the community. It is an opportunity for our recent teacher training graduates and regular teachers to give back to you through their love of yoga. No yoga experience required