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Featured Artist

Red Sun Yoga is proud to feature the work of local artists, both in the studio and online. If you are a local artist interested in exhibiting your work at Red Sun, please see our submission guidelines.

Allison L. Andersen

I have always been the curious sort. The first thing I can remember wanting to be when I grew up, other than the super cool check out lady at the grocery store, was a reporter. I wanted to know stuff first so I could be the one to tell other people. What I have learned in the intervening years is; I like to share. I love to teach, share something fascinating I’ve just learned, share a beautiful sunset I witnessed. I believe I do this as my way to help people connect to their own divinity. If you look for the beauty in everything, you will find it. Conversely if you’re looking for sorrow, hardship and ugliness you’ll be rewarded with more of that. My mission is to help others find the sacred in the mundane. It brings to mind a favorite quote from Rumi, “We are all just walking each other home.”

My desire to share has manifested itself in many different ways from jobs on Capitol Hill to managing a Kinko’s and from graphic designer to interior designer. From jewelry designer to yoga studio owner and so many other adventures.

My expression is sharing, my medium is creativity.

The two main avenues I have been expressing my creativity through recently have been jewelry and photography. In between I create photo greeting cards and a few cut paper designs. You can find my most spiritual pieces of jewelry at Red Sun, as well as my most peaceful photos and greeting cards. If you know of a beautiful place to photograph, please share it with me so I can share it with others.

To connect with Allison or view more of her work:
Photo blog and musings: www.AllisonsWanderland.com
Photos, events and comments: www.Facebook.com/AllisonsWanderland
Photos, events and processes: www.Facebook.com/SunDaisy
Items for purchase: www.SunDaisy.Etsy.com
Email: AllisonLAndersen@yahoo.com