Ashley Liguori, RYT

Class styles I teach:
Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga

My favorite yoga posture: Supta Virasana. I can breathe fully and my mind instantly finds rest.

My fur babies: 4 year old labradoodle named McLovin. When we rescued her, she was named Chiqui and was wearing a tutu. We took her in, trashed the tutu and gave her a proper name.

My favorite quote: "Yoga empowers you to feel the way you want to feel at any given time, instead of being a victim of your own feelings. It gives you independence." Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Why I yoga: so I can be a better wife and momma. I yoga so I can be a better friend. Yoga is my bridge to self love, clarity and compassion. It allows me to hear God. It is my church.

My passions outside of yoga: My biggest passion outside of yoga is my family. Olivia (10), Michael (8), JohnLuca (1) and my husband Joe. I am happiest playing in nature. I love trees, dogs, butterflies and music.