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Private Yoga Lessons


Some styles of yoga tend to follow a rigid repertoire of poses, especially in a group class setting. Private yoga lessons at Red Sun Yoga, on the other hand, are specifically designed to meet your needs and to help you maximize the benefits of your yoga practice.

Your instructor will first assess a number of factors to develop an informed, individualized strategy for your yoga therapy. Postural imbalances, history of injury, surgery, and other physical limitations will be taken into account when coming up with a plan to meet your health goals.

When you begin your one-on-one instruction, you’ll see how the personal attention that you can only get in a private lesson can help you meet your goals more quickly and more effectively than in a group class setting.

Private lessons are a wonderful introduction for those new to yoga. By learning variations to poses, you’ll learn how to modify difficult poses so that they are more accessible to you, and how to modify easy poses to make them more challenging.

You can also use private lessons to expand your yoga practice to include body, mind, and spirit and learn about:

  • the “8 limbs of yoga”
  • pranayama or energy-enhancing breathing methods
  • meditation and stress reduction techniques
  • guided visualization
  • the philosophy of yoga
  • more spiritual aspects of yoga.

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