Vinyasa is the movement from one posture to the next, accompanied by conscious breathing. Each class has similar postures to the Hatha classes, but they are held for shorter periods of time. Variations of sun salutations connect each posture or sets of postures, resulting in a flow. All classes conclude with savasana for integration. Because vinyasa classes are designed to warm the body, the studio temperature is typically set at 80-85 degrees°F.

Slow Flow

Slow, deep and mindful. A meditation in motion that invites you to cultivate a steadiness of mind as you go deep into the physical and subtle/energetic body. Emphasizes the integration of inner and outer, breath and body, mind and heart. Variations of postures given so you can challenge your edge or take it down a notch.

Vinyasa I/II

This beginner level class offers more movement to help elevate the heart rate with slower paced vinyasas between postures. Modifications are offered to accommodate any level. No yoga experience required.

Vinyasa II/III

An intermediate level class, Vinyasa II offers more movement and a faster pace. Postures are instructed with movement between each to help elevate the heart rate. Inversions and some arm balancing may be included. Modifications are offered to accommodate the transition from Level I. Yoga experience preferred.

Vinyasa III

This advanced level class allows students to move and sweat, providing a vigorous work out with deep relaxation at the end. Advanced postures such as arm balancing and inversions are incorporated. Yoga experience required.


The fusion of yin yoga with Vinyasa flow creates an integrated, balanced 75-minute yoga practice. The Vinyasa portion is flowing movement, challenging strength and balance. The heat and internal awareness generated burns off excess energy. The Yin portion involves longer held poses, usually seated or reclined, designed to gently and therapeutically stress the connective tissues of the body, reducing energetic blockages and restoring the flow of prana. Class may begin with Vinyasa or Yin, and will always be followed by its counterpart.

Happy Hour Flow

An energetic intermediate vinyasa class designed to release tensions from the week and move into the weekend lighter and brighter. Class ends in a restorative savasana. Yoga experience preferred.