Bricelyn Shafron

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Bricelyn Shafron, E-RYT 200, RYT

Classes I Teach: Hatha, Restorative/Stress Relief, Gentle, Vinyasa/Flow, Yin, Nidra

My favorite Yoga Asana: So many of my least favorite postures have become my favorites over the years: Pigeon, Chair, Triangle. I love the perspective shifts that come with inversions and the patience required for balance postures, but I think my very favorite so far is Chaturanga. It literally took years of modification and dedication to be able to properly hold the posture. It requires not only strength, but intense attention to alignment throughout the body.

My fur babies: Adam and I are officially crazy cat people with 10 beautiful, comedic and very lovey furbabies who keep us entertained and our hearts full.

Favorite Quote: Be mindful of your thoughts, your thoughts become your words. Be mindful of your words, your words become your actions. Be mindful of your actions, your actions become your habits. Be mindful of your habits, your habits become your character. -Unknown

Why I Yoga: I met a lovely person while taking a pottery class who was just learning and falling in love with yoga. I couldn't be convinced to try it then because I had terrible back pain from an auto accident and had problems just bending over. Little did I know! We stayed in touch after the class ended and she went on to become a yoga teacher. After many years of gentle prodding, she was teaching at a studio just down the road from our house. I was nervous, intimidated and very self-conscious, but finally I reluctantly agreed to try a Gentle class. One class was all it took. With the help of the Universe, I found something I had no idea I was looking for that would change my life in so many wonderful ways. Over the next 5 years my practice became my refuge, my foundation and my therapy. I couldn't get enough. Through studying the Yamas and the Niyamas, I decided that my stressful and frankly abusive work environment was no longer in line with the way I wanted to live my life. I quit my job by explaining to my boss at the time the meaning of Ahimsa. I started volunteering at a non-profit spay/neuter clinic and was soon after offered a job there that provided me with a work schedule that allowed me to attend teacher training. Now my work life is a beautiful split between helping people with their cats and dogs, and yoga. Pretty freaking awesome!

Other Fun Things About Me: When not on my mat or playing with my kitty loves, I enjoy exploring forests and natural areas, watching wildlife, capturing images of anything I can find from the tiniest bugs to majestic eagles, in their natural environment. I love venturing off into the mountains as much as possible, spending long days hiking to the tallest peaks I can find, evenings in front of a campfire roasting marshmallows and nights sleeping in a tent (on a thick, comfy mattress) next to a stream.