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I started to practice at Red Sun Yoga in August of 2014. I had Just gone through a job loss and weeks later lost my mother due to a tragic accident. I felt lost, confused, anxious and broken. I discovered Red Sun Yoga on the internet and thought I would give it a try. It has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. I had no prior experience or exposure to yoga when I began. I started out with beginner classes and have now worked my way up to more advanced classes. The instructors and fellow yogis at Red Sun Yoga have all made a major impact on my life. Their patience, guidance, love and reassurance have rebuilt me into a better me. It is wonderful to band with people who want to make the world and themselves better. Don't think you have to be all bendy either. It is an activity that anyone at any age can do. You will never be judged by anyone but yourself. I am a 47-year-old male and practice at the studio 6 days a week and have integrated a home practice. 

My life was a fast paced rat race and I forgot who I was and what is important in life. Yoga has brought me fulfillment, patience, friendship and inner peace.  Also, 8 months of practicing I have lost 15 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. If you're reading this, it means you have some sort of interest. Take the first step; I hope it can change your life as it did mine. It's never too late to challenge yourself and create that better you.

- Ed T.

Contact & Directions

We are located in the Promenade at Tuskawilla at the corner of Red Bug Lake Road and Tuskawilla Boulevard. We are upstairs above Subway, directly across the parking lot from Outback Steakhouse.


  5965 Red Bug Lake Road #201

          Winter Springs, Fl 32708


Phonicon  321-438-0771
mailicon  info@redsunyoga.com

Our History

Red Sun Yoga opened in 2004 in Winter Park, Florida as Red Door Yoga. The same year, we became a registered school with the Yoga Alliance, and our first class of certified yoga teachers graduated.

By 2006, we had outgrown our space and decided a move was necessary for our continued growth. We moved into our current beautiful studio in Winter Springs.

The studio has changed owners a few times over the years. Each time the new owner was a practicing student at Red Sun who was passionate about their yoga home, maintaining the integrity of that first seed that was planted to have a non-judgmental, welcoming studio.

Today, the studio is owned by Lisa Moore, Allison Andersen and Sarah Morgan who continue to welcome all students at all levels with open arms.

To date, 12 classes of yoga practitioners have taken part in our Yoga Teacher Training programs and thousands have enjoyed the benefits of yoga and massage at Red Sun.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that anyone can practice yoga.

Yoga is a spiritual practice with a physical component. By offering hatha and vinyasa classes as well as meditation classes and discussion workshops on the yoga philosophy, everyone has access to yoga.

We teach and practice yoga based on the traditional teachings of ancient yogis who taught the dismantling of the ego while building strength and flexibility in the body and mind.

Our teachers come from different traditions and different teacher training programs, each adding their unique insights to their classes. What they all have in common is their love of sharing the profound benefits that yoga has to offer in loving, non-judgmental way.

Yoga is an inward practice that serves to unite body, mind and spirit. For this reason, there are no mirrors in the studio and therefore, no competition between students or with oneself.

We believe that no matter what your experience or knowledge of yoga is, you can find your practice here.


profile2_copyMy yoga journey began over 35 years ago when I was advised by a surgeon that if I didn't quit my 3 pack a day smoking habit I would need bypass surgery.

At that time in my life I had been attending several yoga classes a week, even going to a 45 min. class on my lunch hour (taught by a 70+ year old woman). Thanks to the deep breathing techniques I was able to toss my cigarettes and never look back. I soon began teaching yoga in the Tampa Bay area and stayed on my yoga path for another 20 years; then, sidestepped for awhile (not a good thing). Yoga keeps the body and mind youthful, strong and healthy. My immune system is far superior to most people 30 years younger; my flexibility continues to amaze me and I am 74 years young!

Thanks for wonderful classes at Red Sun Yoga!

- Sue M.

I have always struggled with bringing physical exercise into my life. I had always known intellectually of yoga and its benefits due to my mom being a yoga instructor (hippie) who has done some form of yoga since before I was born. But I know now her "style" was very different from what I needed. I never was able to connect with any of it because it had no meaning for me. I did yoga from DVDs and occasionally a class here and there. Exercising felt like mindless movements that held the elusive promise of a better looking body and longer life, but felt tedious and mechanistic. Around 3 years ago when I switched careers from hairdressing to mental health therapist I noticed that my lower back started hurting from my new life spent mostly sitting (in front a client/computer/driving wheel). This new pain mixed with my desire to increase my mind body connection is what drew me to yoga. I had spent years in school fine tuning my intellectual mind but had neglected body and spirit and decided to take steps towards fixing this now that I had finally finished grad school and could fully commit myself. 

I started my yoga journey going to a power yoga studio but quickly burnt out as it was just too much for me and I could not be consistent. I was able to do a yoga Nidra class at one point which changed the whole idea of yoga for me. Slowly over the next few months I went to different yoga studios in the area to see which one I thought would fit me best. I was really looking for an entire framework/system of living /spiritual connection as well as a physical practice and I ended up at Red Sun sometime in August of last year and this is when I decided to commit to this studio and a more serious practice. I have found that I benefit in numerous ways. First, I made the promise to go every day if I could but mostly went to gentle classes. What I learned from these is how to really enjoy and relax into my body and new communication lines were opened. This also forced me to find ways to fit yoga into schedule and I didn't dread going. Because of the wide variety of classes and non-intimidating teachers, I was able to feel comfortable enough to claim my practice and develop how I wanted to. I was not new to Eastern philosophy and traditions and loved the teachings but had never really committed myself to them, but through being exposed to these positive influences on a daily basis I was able to develop new habits.

Since starting a regular practice, I noticed that my eating habits  naturally changed for the better, I became more in touch with how my body was responding to emotions/the environment/stress. As a mental health professional who works in collaboration with the department of children and families, I have a very stressful job that can wear a person down if proper self-care practices aren't maintained and yoga has given me the vehicle of discipline to do this. Without yoga, I don't know that I could be as good at my job as I am. It helps keep me grounded in myself and my emotions and life and meaning so that I do not become confused with those of my clients. Yoga also teaches me many life lessons like tolerating discomfort when I know it will benefit me vs forcing myself into exhaustion. Balance is the answer to life's difficulties and yoga assists me in practicing balance artfully and with grace. While my body is not exactly where I would like it to be, I know I am not supposed to be attached to any kind of outcome and I trust that it will continue to change over time. Now I am going to yoga 4-5 days a week and including more advanced classes and really NOTICE when I don't go. I have found that I drink less wine and have developed a more healthy relationship with my body. Also, the "witness" consciousness is more accessible to me and I can more easily practice non-attachment. I can't say enough about how much better I feel in that I am more physically engaged in life, my posture has improved, and gravity doesn't feel as heavy. I've found that negative emotions are also way easier to detach from and I identify less with whatever I'm feeling in the moment. I know that my current interest in yoga is not just a phase as I can't imagine my life without it now.

- Jessica


profileMy aunt sent me papers on doing yoga when I was in high school. I've practiced off and on since then, to tapes before joining Red Sun Yoga.  I practice two to three times a week and being in a studio with instructors eager to help you reach your potential makes a big difference. Some things I can do some I can't, but every class is me trying to give my body my best and my body trying to stretch more than it knew it could. That gives me peace and joy. I leave class feeling like my body breathes better and is more connected with everything.  - Darlene 


Yoga has been a part of my life for about 15 years now.  I started yoga because my back doctor told me that practicing Karate would not be in my future much longer due to the shape my back was in.  So I traded one practice for another, Now I practice Yoga and it has kept me and my back healthy ever since.  I try to practice 3 times a week, at least once a week at a yoga studio.  I can't stress enough the importance of finding a great Yoga instructor, and I have always found that easy to find at Redsun Yoga. The instructors there bring many years of collective experience and knowledge to class in a friendly, laid back atmosphere.   No matter how long you have been practicing you can always find something new to learn about your self from an experienced instructor.  Yoga has also been a way for me to rid myself of the stress from my job, and life in general and also has increased my ability to focus.  I want to give thanks to all my instructors and my fellow yogi's that have helped me get my practice to the level it is today. 

- Allen M.

profile2-2Several months ago, at the suggestion of a friend, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to try a class at Red Sun Yoga. Having only done yoga on a limited basis at home, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like the class environment or would be intimidated by the teacher or other students. Fast-forward a few months and I cannot imagine not having group yoga sessions, especially at Red Sun Yoga, as part of my life and daily routine. I have discovered physical and mental strength that I never knew I had. Further, I have developed a yoga family of fellow students and instructors that I cherish. It is a wonderful community that I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with, as they challenge and nourish me every day!  - Kathryn