Our Studio

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  • Congratulations on your decision to try yoga!
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Studio Hours

Generally, the studio is open Monday - Friday, from 9.30a until 4p. However, the door is locked during class times. This is for the safety, security and serenity of those in class. If you require assistance in person, please check the class schedule. We have allotted 30m between each class, which is ample time for us to assist you in any way. If none of these options are available, please contact our owner, Sarah, at 321.356.9491 and she will be happy to meet you at the studio at your convenience.

Studio Etiquette

· Arrival: Please arrive to class 10-15 minutes early. This will give you ample time to store your belongings and get yourself set up on your mat. We lock the doors promptly at the class start time. Late entrance to class is not permitted.

· Shoes: Please remove your shoes before entering the studio space and silence your cell phone upon entering the studio. If you must take a call, we politely request that you take your call outside so as not to disturb the other students.

· Stuff: We have plenty of cubbies for your shoes, bags, phone, etc. Please do not bring anything other than your mat, props and water into the studio space.

· Prop Policy: We do not offer loaner mats. Please bring your own.

Lost and Found Policy

We know how it is! You come out of your class and you’re in the yoga fog. But we are not responsible for any items that are left behind – mats, water bottles, shoes, etc. We will make every attempt to locate their owner, but after thirty (30) days, we will dispose of or donate any items that are left at the studio. If you’ve left something behind, please call us at 321.438.0771 or email our owner at sarah@redsunyoga.com. Again, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


We are located in the Tuskawilla Promenade, at the corner of Red Bug Lake and Tuksawilla Roads. Our studio is on the second floor, directly over Subway (yes, we know it smells like baking bread – trust us, you’ll get used to it). The stairwell is located to the right of Subway’s entrance. There is also an elevator, immediately to the right of Subway.

We have ample parking, but please note that we are not responsible for any items left in your vehicle or damage to your car from Hobby Lobby’s shopping carts. In the evenings, our parking lot is very well lighted, but just as you would anywhere, please be mindful when walking to your car alone.