Henry the House Hippo

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Meet Henry, the stray dog who stumbled into serenity and found his inner zen. From the ruff streets of Oviedo, Henry’s life took a twist when he followed a trail of incense into Red Sun Yoga. The moment he entered, it was clear he had found his true calling—not in downward dog, but in being the ultimate yoga studio mascot.

Henry’s sleek chocolate fur glows with a serene sheen, thanks to the loving hands of yogis who can’t resist giving him belly rubs. His favorite spot is right in the middle of the studio, where he stretches out in what can only be described as a perfect Savasana.

Despite his initial stray status, Henry quickly adapted to the yoga lifestyle. He mastered the art of sneaking into class, offering his silent but profoundly calming presence. His signature move is the "Namaste Nudge," a gentle nudge with his big block head to remind you, “More pets, please.”

When he’s not in the studio assisting with student check-ins, you’ll find him lounging in his own personal dog park, working on his tan.