Sound Healing

Sound Healing with Diane is a deeply relaxing and harmonizing experience.It is recommended for many types of physical, mental and/or emotional issues. Sound therapy helps to restore Harmony and Balance to the body’s biological processes, rhythms and energy balances. It is a soothing and effective treatment for your Whole True Self. When you surrender to the sound currents, you allow the vibrations to absorb and assist in the healing process.

Your session includes an assessment of your energy centers, the Individualized Experience, and a recommendation of “Sounds” that may support your wellbeing. Diane will individually use the instruments that your body and issues need to make it a soothing, healing, and relaxing experience! People have described it as an “relaxing deep inner massage”.

Investment: $125 | 90m session

Once you have purchased a session, you can schedule directly with Diane here.