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Private Sessions

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Private yoga lessons are specifically designed to meet your needs and to help you maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. You will meet with your instructor to discuss your health goals, any injuries or physical limitations and together you will create a strategy for your private lessons.

Private lessons are used for a variety of reasons. Many people prefer the one-on-one instruction when just starting their practice, while others...

Massage in Winter Springs, Florida

Massage is a holistic and soothing way to reduce stress, anxiety and mild depression; it can relieve pain and stiffness; increase circulation; improve immune function and so much more. Two passionate women offer massage, each with their own focus and both with many years of experience in the healing arts.

Energy Healing in Winter Springs, Florida

Sunny uses a combination of intuition, Reiki, past life exploration and the healing forces of prana to create quantum leaps in healing of mind, body and soul and create balance to move forward in all ways.

Reiki Holistic Healing in Winter Springs, Florida

Reiki is a holistic method of energy medicine, which quickens and aids healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It promotes relaxation, lessens pain, reduces stress, and increases energy. Reiki has been known to foster intuition and awareness, create inner harmony and peace, and promote vitality in both the giver and the receiver. By using gentle, noninvasive techniques, Reiki practitioners can coax subtle energies to...

Youth Health Coaching in Winter Springs, Florida

Have you ever tried to make changes in your life that you know would be good for you, but fall short? Maybe you don’t have the time or energy to do them. Maybe you stick to them for a short time, but then can’t seem to stay motivated to continue. Do you wish you had some accountability? Or someone to keep you motivated to continue down the path that is unfamiliar to you?