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Reiki is a holistic method of energy medicine, which quickens and aids healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It promotes relaxation, lessens pain, reduces stress, and increases energy. Reiki has been known to foster intuition and awareness, create inner harmony and peace, and promote vitality in both the giver and the receiver. By using gentle, noninvasive techniques, Reiki practitioners can coax subtle energies to flow in more optimal ways thereby relieving physical and emotional discomfort and accelerating the healing process.



While seeking alternative solutions for symptoms that could not be diagnosed, Monette was led to Reiki. It helped heal the root cause of her symptoms and motivated her to help others on their journey to an overall sense of well-being.



Each session begins with a consultation and depending on your needs, the use of other healing modalities maybe used along with Reiki to realign and balance your energy centers to promote wellness. At the end of your session, guidance is provided on how to maintain your well-being.

  • Prices begin at $75 for 60 minutes
  • *10% Discount for Red Sun members